Featured Artists

Welcome to our featured artist series where we will be profiling select artists who will share their career experience, techniques and their artwork submitted in the exhibition.

Robbie Erskine – Fla-bling-o

A former life as a graphic designer has transformed into a love of fine art, painting, drawing and printmaking that is a passion Robbie carries with her every day. Fine Art education in the form of current study at Queensland College of Art towards a Bachelor of Fine Art, a Diploma of Visual Art, many workshops, ongoing training and experimentation over the last 20 years have developed her skills and confidence. Group exhibitions, 2 joint exhibitions and one solo exhibition have gained her recognition. Her paintings and drawings are held in private collections in both Australia and Internationally.
A love of surrealism, quirkiness and wit takes Robbie’s art to a level above the everyday. Not satisfied with just presenting an object, animal, flower or scene just for itself, she loves to put a fresh twist on objects that take them to a surreal level. Developing a narrative, thinking outside the box, mixing it up are all her favourite ways of preparing an artwork, but presented with the traditional oil painting methods of the old masters. Animals feature strongly in her work, shown in a realistic painting style but with an element of surrealism that takes the work past the obvious to create a narrative, a quirky twist or a deeper meaning.


Caitlin Reilly – Merge


Caitlin Reilly is an Australian born multi-disciplinary artist living in Byron Bay, Australia. She has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in China and Australia.Reilly’s arts practice involves working in a broad range of media creating layering and textural history, with an extensive body of work exploring the development of surface rendering. ‘Merge’ is an abstract series that explores the influence of Reilly’s experiences living in China for six years.




Jane Nicol – Rusty and Jack

Jane Nicol  was raised in Western Scotland by my extended matriarchal family and my solo mother (see Mitochondrial Descent series).  At the age of 16 she was accepted into Gray’s School of Art, where she chose to major in three dimensional media with a focus on ceramic sculpture. Subsequently gaining a postgraduate qualification in Education, Jane briefly taught Art in Scotland before moving to New Zealand.

In the years following she raised two children, ran my own successful sculpture studio while managing a high country farming station. In the 1980s Jane branched out into the fashion sector, working as a senior designer for a major New Zealand label, running my own label and taking home a national fashion design award.

In 2004 an accident changed her life.  It was at this point she turned to paint.  Painting for me is not simply an action; it is a location. Jane’s paintings are fragments of reality, contextually dissociated.  

The subject of her most recent portrait, Rusty Perry, is a lovely local guy who plastered my new studio/gallery here in Maleny QLD.  While he was here working we got to talking about to his horses and his involvement in the local Light Horse re-enactment Troop. Together we started brainstorming about how a portrait of him and his troop horse, Jack, might be used to help raise money for one of the charities that provide much needed support for Australia’s returned service men and women.


Anita West – Apple Orchard

Anita is an award winning artist having won People’s Choice Redland Art Award (2014) and People’s Choice Calleen Award (2015). She lives and works in southeast Queensland, with her studio backing on to a large bushland reserve on the edge of a national park. She often walks there, taking notes, drawing and observing. She is interested in the idea of the romantic notions attached to the Australian bush and is exploring the boundaries between abstraction and realism, emotion, perception and people’s obsession with this beautiful land, in her art. Her love of the bush stems from her childhood of riding horses and hiking through bushland. Anita loves the landscape of this country, the optimism she feels when immersed in the bush and the pure sensory pleasure from walking through this unique part of Australia.



   Bronwyn Hill – Nude 


Bronwyn Hill (born 1989 in Brisbane) is a portrait and figurative artist. Using oil paint and layering techniques she creates realistic images of women in natural settings. These women are representative of the artist; the way she felt at the time or the way she wanted to feel. Hill is influenced by light, nature and many artists, although her work is primarily a way of expressing herself in vague, allowing interpretation of the viewer.

Completing a Diploma of fine art at Noosa in 2011 and producing her first series of work in 2012, Hill is in the early stages of her artistic career yet has been recognised for many awards including: Portia Geach Memorial Award (2015 Finalist), Manning Art Prize (2015 Winner – People’s Choice), and Rotary Art Spectacular (2016 Finalist).