From the Curator

I warmly welcome you to the Rotary Art Spectacular. This is the sixth year I have had the honour of being asked to curate the exhibition. I look forward to presenting an extensive range of stunning artwork from extraordinary artists in this well-established show. As an artist and gallery owner, I have close contact with many artists who spend their precious time patiently, carefully and brilliantly producing their individual pieces. This patient activity is almost always done in isolation as the artists’ works with, struggles through or effortlessly controls their medium to form their final artwork. The Rotary Art Spectacular celebrates the coming together of all these individual efforts and proudly shows off the wide variety of styles, techniques, themes and visions of this diverse collection of artists. 

I enthusiastically encourage the viewer to walk around the display to allow the art pieces to talk to you, to see if one of the artist’s pieces can make that connection between artist and viewer that lifts the piece beyond a visual representation and moves to something deeper and more personal. There is so much to admire in this show, including some extraordinarily detailed, realistic paintings, passionately expressive abstract pieces, sculptural forms using unusual mediums, pointed contemporary pieces, some quite brilliant watercolours and many examples of sincere effort and artistic endeavour. 

It is in this diversity that gives the greatest joy in putting this exhibition together and encourage viewers to take their time to see all the wonderful art and, at some point, to connect with an artwork and then, to make a decision to take something home with them.  

Brett Lethbridge

Lethbridge Gallery